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The criticism of religion ends with the teaching that man is the highest essence for man - hence, with the categoric imperative to overthrow all relations in which man is a debased, enslaved, abandoned, despicable essence, relations which cannot be better described than by the cry of a Frenchman when it was planned to introduce a tax on dogs: Poor dogs! They want to treat you as human beings!


smashleftwingscum.com/2005/11/ward-churchill-caught-on-tape.html Thursday, November 10, 2005
Ward Churchill Caught on Tape Our man out west sent in the following report that I think you might enjoy.

Hey Jason, mission accomplished!

At Shoreline Community College (seattle) last night at 7:30PM Churchill spoke. We implemented a two prong strategy.

Support the troops conservatives stood outside to protest the speech, while a friend and myself attended the speech. FYI--There was communist club outside distributing an official communist newspaper (and selling books).

Churchill's tools frisked people at the door looking for cameras, and they saw that I had my video camera, of which are not "allowed." So I convinced them I would be a good serf and keep it turned off. Of course I turned it on as soon as things started.

Unfortunately security was too tight for me to catch video, but I did get about 30-40 minutes audio of Churchill's 90 minute speech. On the tape it sounds clear enough to understand, but over the next 2 days I will transfer the audio and hopefully refine it. You'll have a copy soon if you want. Churchill speaks with no notes, in a disorganized fashion, leveling charge after charge of past American injustices to "peoples of brown color the world over." Even worse is the dimwitted masses that cling to is every word, at some points murmuring their agreement.

Ward Churchill is a sort of circus act, he wears so many different hats, and he presents each hat within the first 5 minutes: "my right hand held an AK47" "I was in Vietnam in '68" "I know something about plastic explosives" He is only 1/16 indian yet wears his hair in their style.
He wears cowboy boots. He smokes like a freight train--3 packs a day, so his skin is like leather.

At times you view the man as possessed. As he occasionally stops speaking and stares at some unknown, he takes a deep breath and starts in again. Pat commented that Churchill also has a double stare. So I think I have adaquately described the man. Jason, let me know if I can fill you in on anything else.

I apologize for no pictures, but I can leave you with some of the more insane things Churchill said last night, some I paraphrased to a small extent. Most of these are the raw quotes:

1) "having finally disavowed Christianity as a hoax and fraud"

2) Proliferating the military doesn't work (in fighting terrorism), ask the Israelis.

3) Amplifying CIA will not deter terrorists.

4) Just as Eichmann worked within the murderous nazi machine's final solution, the people in the World Trade Center worked in the murderous capitalist system.

5) Thomas Sowell and Colin Powell are the whitest people I know

6) People need to read hagel

7) Japan was going to surrender anyway


Anthony Mantova

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/328581.shtml Ward Churchill at Evergreen State College 4th and last comment by PhilosopherSeed.org who offers April 16, 2005 Ward Churchill Interview, MP3

highbeam.com/library/doc...ef=1 Vampires anonymous and critical race practice.(Symposium: Representing Race)
by a native american, Churchill Investigating Committee member Robert Williams (on tenure, affirmative action and publishing pecking orders) -- full (long) text will be online until the 17th

counterpunch.com/shields10202005.html Bullets, Unemployment and Bankruptcy ---- James McMurtry Makes It in Dayton By RANDY SHIELDS ------ The song met the town. Last Sunday night James McMurtry performed "We Can't Make It Here" (see counterpunch.org 9/30/05 for all the lyrics) at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton gets mentioned in the song as the hollowed-out shell of manufacturing that it is.

Takebackthemedia.com and their Hollywood Award winning director/producer Symbolman is proud to present the Definitive Chronology of the Rove/Plamegate outing in DVD format, "Roves War."

http://mailman.lbo-talk...20051114/024557.html [lbo-talk] A coloured revolution fails in Azerbaijan
I dislike the term, "Islamophobia, " (as it it usually deployed by reactionary Islamists and some of their leftist fans like, islamophobia-watch.com/ ---- http://hurryupharry.../03/23/islamophobia_watch.php [>..."The blog, which is produced by socialists, handily categorises various 'Islamophobes' with special sections for left, secular and liberal 'Islamophobes'. Featured names include socialist activist Andrew Coates, journalist Nick Cohen, the Workers Communist Party of Iran, gay rights group Outrage, Kenan Malik, journalist Stuart Jeffries and of course Peter Tatchell." M.P. I occasionally kibbitz with Andrew Coates who has contributed to a journal that Yoshie has as well, whatnextjournal.co.uk/Pages/Latest/Secularism.html , "In Defence of Militant Secularism ", note the refs. to Alain de Benoist ally of Dugin] in the UK SWP who have siddled up to the most noxious bigots, to evade legitimate questioning and struggle against the retrograde aspects of Islam, but, you really fit the bill, with your continual blending of Muslims with Islamist terrorists in Chechnya and elsewhere). Would you also say the hundreds shot in Andijan in May were as the regime said Islamist terrorists en masse? --- http://hrw.org/reports/2005/uzbekistan0605/ >..The Aftermath of the May 13 Shootings The Government's Account of the Events The government has characterized the Andijan events as an attempt by terrorists, motivated by an Islamist agenda and supported by foreigners, to seize power in Andijan.115 It has attributed all deaths
to the gunmen and in public has not explicitly acknowledged any casualties inflicted by government forces.

[115] In several public statements President Karimov blamed the violence on Islamic extremist and particularly Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation, see below). In his press conference on May 14 President Karimov said that the unrest was led by "fanatic and extremist groups" who were trying to repeat in Uzbekistan the political upheaval that had taken place in Kyrgyzstan in March. "Their main intention was. . .to set up a branch of Utopian Muslim Caliphate." Regarding the participation of foreigners, the president said that some of the gunmen and their weapons came from abroad. He also said ". . . Without help from outside, without foreign sponsors, they would not be able to commit such a crime. And without the funds they would not have been able to organize their action." See, "Uzbek leader gives news conference on Andijon events - full version", BBC Monitoring Central Asia, May 14, 200
Michael Pugliese

------The Sandwichman:
> And overwhelminly, you think it's a good thing that the commodity,
> labour power, travels to work by car? -----------------
It depends for whom and in what run. In the short run, it is probably good for us, because we can benefit from cheap overseas labour. It is probably not so good for the consumers in the countries where the stuff is produced, because they cannot compete with our buying power. When it comes to food stuff, that can be a difference between life and death form starvation.

In the long run, however, it is probably good for everyone in the producing countries, because it produces long term economic development. And in the long run, how long do you think 6 or so billion producers of the world will tolerate the parasitic behavior of 300 million of US consumers?

The way I would argue this is not that cars is altogether good or altogether bad, but that it is good in one context but bad in another. Many European use cars as a supplement of mass transit and that is basically a good thing, because people can make a choice between modes of transportation that best suits their needs in any particular situation. In the US, however, most of the population has not choice - they have to use cars because the industry and its government lackeys have so decided - albeit most US-esrs are too
stupid to see that choices have been taken away from them in exchange for a social status symbol.

The way I see is that there is no way that you can rationally discuss the wastefulness of the US way of life - not just the use of cars but overall consumption - because most people would staunchly defend their wasteful consumption patterns as "their" way of life. The only way to change is to reduce the spending power and thus force the population to make more efficient consumption choices. Before that happens, the Hartfields and Co. will have their field day with their love of conspicuous consumption that benefits, inter alia, the working class. Wojtek

Sandwichman writes: "Almost every thing in you local store has traveled thousands of miles by truck, plane and/or container ship. And the fuel to ship it with has been massively subsidized." ---------------------
James Heartfield: And that is a good thing, isn't it? Without those subsidies, the 260 million Americans, and 377 M west Europeans would for the most part, starve. It is just sheer utopianism to think that you could take the internal combustion engine out of the food chain without substantially reducing its output. (setting aside the coming supercession of the gasoline-driven car). By all means propose a planned population reduction (though I think you are in dubious company if you do), but that is at least 70 years away. Until then, people have to eat. Or you could say, like Pol Pot, that the overwhelmingly urban (and increasingly suburban) population should move out into the countryside and feed themselves, but that experiment has been shown to be pretty deadly. ----------------
"The agricultural output that sustains us is based on the motorized application of increasing quantities of petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides because these things lose their effectiveness as they come to disrupt the natural systems of soil regeneration and pest control." -------------- The "natural systems of soil regeneration and pest control" would never be able to sustain a human population of more than a few million, let alone six billion. Increased agricultural output, and its corollary, much more extensive distribution systems come about by modifying natural systems for human ends. --------------- "And overwhelminly, you think it's a good thing that the commodity, labour power, travels to work by car?"------------- Well, that's a "when did you stop beating your wife" question, isn't it. I would prefer that labour was not alienated. But setting aside that possibility, it is preferable to drive twenty miles that you have to than to walk them. Why don't you go round some working class neighbourhoods and ask people if they are willing to trade their cars in for bicycles.

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