Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A colleague of Pim Fortuyn's killer is liquidated

In Holland early this morn, a cockadoodledingdong (klokkeluider bit of a buzz word since a euro diplomat exposed corruption, lost his job over it and eventually started a europe transparant one man party) was offed with 2 bullets in his head.

This 41 year old journalist (defender of animal rights activists and other direct eco protesters) studied the ins and outs of the dutch secret services pretty closely and lived in THE hotbed of dutch leftyisms (Nijmegen is a town south of arnheim on the other big river ((near where they come close)) and traditionally catholic which means lots of architecture still suitable to communal living though more and more compartmentalized into stand alone segments, for a sample see ((requiring 6 hours worth of communal work)), besides the convents and monestaries landscape is spectacularly diverse).

A squat that houses a bookstore I attended a fair years and years ago was legalized thanks to his input.

One of the hot sexbomb actressess who had her break thanks to Theo van Gogh has made a documentary about possible slip ups of the service which I wrote to you about already. On top of that he leader of the green party in Nijmegen made matters more tense by demostratively trumping the sort of immigration policy criticism that had appeared after 11 people held in airport detention burned alive (partly drugsmugglers, partly perfectly invisible illegal aliens) by putting poster in his window with the text: "Reisbureau Rita, arrestatie deportatie crematie adequaat tot het bittere einde" = travel agent Rita*, arrest, deportation, cremation, adequate** to the bitter end.

Rita refers to our minister of integration and immigration who is doing a lot of work trying to clear 10 years of backlog which had over 25.000 asylum seekers waiting by the time she came on and some of them waiting . .. for over 10 years already, not allowed to work etcetera (in 80 I was to be deported from the states due to having voluntarily admitted I washed dishes for hosts along my travels, thinking it would help my case; those very people sent a letter of support stating I had not accepted money for that and other help).

In her first reaction to the fire Rita used (and used again) the word 'adequate' even before investigations had started, it made the left fuming mad. We're talking the first signs of US prison industrialism here, no mistake about that.

Police had entered 'establishments' (squats and radical bookstores) to remove lots milder banners. And now this. I am deeply depressed.

Strange enough, I feel quilty too cause I scolded the left last night .. . .

Some websites of the right are cheering this trun of events. No matter how much I think trying to fight obstructions to anonymity (a tool the right puts to use with much much greater effect, see for activists is misplaced and a losing battle our country has just chalked up another day of disgrace. The right in France is cheering for different reasons and Tariq Ramadan smiles a suspicious lot on French talk tv even while he condemns violence. Must just be a mediagenic reflex(?).

On now:
A --- cia tells little dutch boy brother secret services to publish doctor zhivago (in order to qualify it for a nobel) as a move in the cold war (new book out the whole affair this week)
B --- Ben Bot, our foreign minister (recently had to back paddle to the gov (get in line) line: support the us no matter what; his expressing doubt was played for what it was worth by the media circus. Now he wants to prevent the EU from becoming too centralized.
C --- Next segment predicts the new cold war between USA and PRoC, yes it's that nasty kaplan who like TGAsh from the UK get to spit from their warspout. Yeah you guessed it. the liberal commercially bared skin may to rapidly growing amounts of folks be called be a sin but I wish they'd problematize our industrial part played in war supplies, which is why these to me perverse speculations are alllowed to stand without being icily cold showered with sensible alternatives. Pleach anybody?

Google news hits so far:
Local political activist shot dead in Nijmegen
Expatica, Netherlands - 11 hours ago
AMSTERDAM — Local political activist Louis Seveke was shot dead in Nijmegen on Tuesday night, his friends and the police have confirmed. ...

Gunman kills Dutch left-wing activist
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - 3 hours ago
A prosecution spokesman confirmed activist Louis Seveke, 41, had been shot dead late Tuesday, but declined to give further details. ...

Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down
Indymedia Argentina, Argentina - 8 hours ago
... 16th 2005 - Last night Louis Seveke, 41, a very well known political activist and secret service watcher, was killed in the center of the city of Nijmegen, in ...

the last one is by a dutch conspiracy buff who has it posted at too



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