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affective frictions lead to infective fictions

I'd rather think of ways to rub transparancy and their semi derivatives, air, water and clouds or steam) and secret yet sacredly grounded obscurity (rocks) together rough enough to end polarization and give way to ever renewable primordial and muddy offspring myself, haven't you?

PreS: I tried eliminating line breaks by hand but ran out of patience toward the end, if anybody knows how to solve this problem (caused by the hopefully temparary and intermittent ones with by me beloved Netscape browsers which transfer table background colours to blogspot ok but firefox doesn't so I am pasting code and it causes these dumb linebreaks) I wouldn't mind hearing from you . .. . .

at the compostartist sibling of this site I devoted 3 in the last 4 items to a neighbour: peacepalestine. Here's more recent input interspersed with quotes:


snippets; here's the operatrice:
I personally get a major kick out of Joe deconstructing Iby. Joe knows what he is doing, by deflating this Jewish Supremacist whose agenda is to say, "I'm chosen and you're not". When you ask him! what the basis of this chosenness is, what it entails, how he theologically bases it, he comes up 2 of spades, or comes up with "must suck to be you", this is an indication of the total void of his argument.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005 -
Gilad Atzmon - Peace is not 'shalom' and 'Shalom' is not Sharon - comments/thecutter/11..8/ 

yesterday I saw a few comments on ParDeS, one signed Mary favoring rapproachment between Islam and Christianity. I haven't been here long enough to tell if it was you but I wrote similar lines earlier this week
at the
blog.pulpculture and at the link)
. -- Last night I blogged all over you at right-wing-stronghold-easy-money and cast, not exactly aspersions but certainly suspicions on you which I 'd be happy for you to defuse refuse or let stand. I'll certainly come around to make my mind up more later.

piet | Homepage | 11.24.05 - 12:15 pm | # 

Now, Piet, I tried really hard to follow your post in your
blog. I admit, most of it has got to be my own problem in understanding, because as soon as I started making a connection, the topic would go on a new tangent (Finnegan's Wake, for sure!) and I was lost. What are the suspicions? If they are that a site like this brings out a lot of agitated opinions, sometimes turning into smearing, well, that is pretty much normal for the type of subject that we have here that stimulates such an emotional response. I guess the thing is, I don't delete comments much. Otherwise, there would be just one opinion with varying shades. If the aspersions are that I in some way tolerate racism, you can rest assured that I certainly do not. But, letting an idiotic racist rant says more about him than it does about me. I have to admit, I know a lot about the Arab world, and have a special affection for the plight of the people in various Arab countries which does make me intolerant of! those who would try to paint their rights as somehow lesser. That said, I differentiate completely the categories of Zionist and Jew. The Zionists don't want that, and it can be a trap. This site is antizionist, so of course, there are going to be arguments that go really far, because unfortunately, the Zionists have painted Jews into a corner by attempting to make them into Zionists, or make people think they are. So, some articles people link up could be quite radical. I don't have editorial power over other sites, just this one, so what is up on my blog is where I stand. The comments are like a party. If some guests get drunk easier than others, the host has no control over it. ps. thanks for the compliment btw! love that bioziobait word
... very funny!!

thecutter | Homepage | 11.24.05 - 10:53 pm | # 

I was reacting to Iby's mantric use of the word "antisemite", which so pleases him precisely because it implies racial theory. My point is that it is just as legitimate to refer to judaism as "a criminal ideology" as it is to refer to nazism that way. Of course, judaism has many variants : some religious, some secular, some explicitly exclusivist, some pseudo-universalist, and so on. However, they all start from the belief in a species-like distinction between jews and all other humans. I rather suspect that the nazi theory of aryanism was merely an attempt to mirror this, since it obviously has a powerful (and pathological) solidarity effect. 

Interestingly, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, etc., would have agreed with me - however, they produced a theory of "nationalities" which allowed empirically existing ethnic groups to retain their traditional terrain and folkways to a considerable extent - or to receive new terrain if they had none - all of this at the expense of marxist logic. Trotsky even organised
jewish-only detachments within the Red Army (not a lot of people know that ...)! 

Rowan Berkeley | 11.25.05 - 3:19 pm | # 

The Birth of the the Tragedy

On Reason, Justice and the Victim Mentality -- "The Birth of Tragedy' being Frederick Nietzsche first book - the Apollo principle of clarity and reason, and the Bacchic principle of revelry, emotion and seduction of the senses etc - artistic principles so beautifully set to poetry by Johhny Keats in his series of 'Odes'

joe90 | Homepage | 11.25.05 - 3:34 pm | # 

hmmm ... Gilad's research and composition is decidedly spotty in that one.
Rowan Berkeley | 11.25.05 - 4:17 pm | # 

MHoward, you still haven't grasped my point. I would be foolish to deny that most people who define themselves as "Jews" rationalise this by saying that, even if they did not, the rest of the world would do so for them - in other words, that "being Jewish"! is an ascriptive identity.
However, this is dishonest, because until about the beginning of the twentieth century assimilation was going full pelt, in
other words, people of Jewish descent were simply walking away from their supposed "Jewish identity" - however, if we take Germany as a case for examination, we find that a sufficient proportion of these ostensible "ex-Jews" were continuing to network preferentially with other "ex-Jews" rather than with "non-ex-Jews", via Jewish Masonic lodges, unitarianism, and
other especially liberal forms of religious-civic organisation. This led to a situation like that with the so-called "Marranos" in Spain : they had cast off the label "Jews" but were still acting as a sort of state-within-a-state. This in turn led to the emergence of the racial theory - to which I myself do not subscribe - the theory that they were genetically predisposed to this behaviour and thus "couldn't help it". And this is the origin of the much loved word "anti-semitism", which the lazy minded of you now use as an excuse for being exactly what the Nazis accused you of being, on the theory that since you are being accused of it anyway you might as well do it. (give a dog a bad name)...

Rowan Berkeley | 11.26.05 - 9:12 am | # 

Rowan posts a radio station (in hebrew) 


(windows media player)

what, MHoward, you now get to decide who is Jewish enough and who is not? What sort of thought is permitted to Jewish people and what is beyond the pale? As a matter of fact, only Atzmon is an ex-Jew, having stated that he does not affiliate himself with the religion, and of course, rightly identifying Jewishness as a religion and not an ethnic group (wasn't it only some 60 years ago that Jews were fighting against being considered as a race?). Yet, the others, YOU ! ASSUME are not religious. And two of them, are actually Zionists! Lev Grinberg is a wonderful friend of mine, a brilliant individual, but he classifies himself as a cultural Zionist. Avnery is a Zionist against the occupation as well, Clement, who I also know is religious. Ilan has said he is not religious, but he considers himself culturally a Jew, and Amnon and Shamai, I don't personally know, but I don't assume they are atheists. I have no way of knowing, although they consider themselves Jews, so I 

imagine they ARE Jews. There are others on my blog, just run down the menu there,
Hanna Braun, Neve Gordon, Jeff Blankfort, Avigail Abarbanel, Meron Benvenisti, Oren Ben Dor, Akiva Orr, Dorothy Naor, Ariella Atzmon, Gideon Levy, Uri Avnery, Zvi Schuldiner, Naomi Klein, Michel Warschawski, Lea Tsemel, Greta Berlin, Lenni Brenner, Benyamin Merhav, Juliano Mer Khamis, Ran HaCohen....There are articles about Tali Fahima, the Refusniks,
Machsom Watch people, why are they less Jewish simply because they don't support the Zionist dream the way you see it and don't accept Jewish supremacy? 

You will notice, thier is not one article that mentions, worries or thinks about Jewish pain due to the sucide bombings.

"Jewish pain" -
never to be confused with actaul human pain of course -

"Jewish pain" is something special, something the rest of us aren't privy to, hence its non-appearance on blogs, and what have you, that are actually sane and rational and make no claims to 'mysticism' Jewish or otherwise, and so can pass no verdict comment or opinion on something that isn't accessible
to mere ordinary non-Jewish mortals.

joe90 | Homepage | 11.26.05 - 10:19 pm | # 

Cutter - the exact translation is "bring him up as an offering upon one of the mountains..." The clear instruction is to bring him up and prepare him as an offering, with the intention of sacrifice but there being no command yet to actually sacrifice Isaac.

You have to read the actual hebrew, not some Christian translation. After all, adam never knew anyone named Eve. But he did know Chava. -- IT

Any analogies to the holocaust you care to make?

in the next exchange of comments you are handed a piece of truth
(about christian language; not something to take one way
as done here but that's not the point at the moment)
and then in turn pretend to proffer it (rather than thanking profusely and instilling the need and use to next generations) with the air of outrage over ingrate refusal. That's the kind of table turning anyone aspiring to functional employment of and within the jewish mindset rather than it's bleeding edges best master cause a sense of superiority has to become as genuine as second ature can get. Betrayal of any and all firsts made a matter of principle thereby.

Only within the last few years have I made a quantum leap in understanding how the magician, stage craftee and priest can cultivate this supremacy simply by letting a select few family members into his timing and reasoning behind the switchy swatches from literal to metaphor, from phys to meta and from dust to diamond; the story of the loaves and fishes, taken by
christians as unique and surely miraculous whereas it was a mere manner of expressing priestly status for so many of them until that trouble maker ruined the distinguished title of land and seafood provider for a while or forever
(I am really not up on jewish customs that well nor do ever wanna be; matter of fact I'd like to see ALL holy books drown in waves of laughter or otherwise die the humurous and merciful deaths by divestment and disinterest rather than the violence provoked by disavowal of the obvious which builds tension, corrupts and makes everything unliveable unaffordable and unhealthy).

site-operatrice wrote:
ah, Iby, so being born is a crime

Piet: No but birthrates
(even low ones)
when seen in the light of
footprint data
(sustainability factor) can easily be, and there
are few tribes, few regions, few nations
(I don't even know of any but hope to find them) and certainly no MNCs who make my grade. Semitic races being notorious offenders and through bible and such spurring on others to work up a sense of very phoney entitlement causing havoc among more polite races/peoples/siblings, who generally left wide swaths of noman's land between them to buffer against hard times and prevent polarization to become razorthin and sharp
(Israel boasts a wailing and now a willing wall, strongwilled champion of aries must bust itself out of being walled ! in by fause distinction).

Somebody everybody here seems to keep calling 'IT' for reasons as yet unclear to me:
Muslim is a person who believes a racist ideology of Islam where if a land once belonged to a muslim, it alway does and a person must do everything in their power including encouraging his son to blow himself up to kill the new owner. So hating muslims would and should be a very natural thing as they
practice a belief system where they are allowed to lord themselves over everyone.

Ibrahamav | 11.25.05 - 9:41 pm | # 

Replace 'Muslims' with 'Jews' in the 2 middle
(of four) lines (3times) and the cruel truth in them is not only more true as
far as the Middle East is concerned but is true of even many more parts in the world; irony is that a second wave of semitic money
(oil revenues rather than those from taxfarming, war financing and concommitent processes that dispossess*, deautonomize, industrialize and turn the cozily ! crooked narrow path in the broad and errant ways of the world) don't do much better when it comes to regaining ground on extensive yet quite intense desertification tendencies (fueled from the heart of all citys to0 big for their breeches and footprint). check
this picture:
* -- I saw many hippy protest/activism publications/posters that took inspiration from this painting
(by a german lady).Says it all to me except I'd add a lot of permaculture, archi-libre and pleachitecture type stuff to the right side and leave out the top part on either out altogether.


  "Es Sind Zween Weg": Singing Amish Children into the Faith Community a crude version shown in this long article; source: #footnote19 Daniel Sudermann. 1622. "The choice between the wide and narrow way." In Schöne ausserlesene Figuren. Frankfurt a.M. Cited in Harms 1970, 348.

7 pages worth of images for 'WIDE AND NARROW WAY' do not turn up any relevant ones.

Av accuses me of lying; I go: I wasn't exactly lying, just forgot to change the comment after
deciding to quote the 2 lines in question
(after all, instead of just the time stamp) but leaving out the pre- and succeeding (opening and closing) ones (adding to four for sure) but you, as usual are too eager to show spokesmen for, identifiers with and aspirers to the ones who like to win by hook and/or crook up for the unpleaseant folk such are regardless of race origin and itinerary, leading me to conclude you might just be an antisemite who thinks he is clever at impersonation just for sticking with it.

Piet, here are example of the civil discourse encouraged by cutter mary:
you talk like a bloody racist. Ah, right, that's cuz you are a
bloody racist! --- thecutter

Jewish pain" - never to be confused with actaul human pain of course --- joe90 

Whether or not this latest focus on a virtual pin-head is
really related, 

Gerry Hiles 

It concentrates historical relevance on Jewish problems of local events under the aspect of personal experience. This is the reason why most of the memoirs and reports are full of
preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilletante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks and apologies. The question thus arises whether participants of such a world-shaking epoch can at all be its historians and whether the time has already come when
valid historic judgment, free of partisanship, vindictiveness and ulterior motives, is possible."

Rowan Berkeley | 11.26.05 - 8:38 pm | #

you are quoting out of context big time; leads me to wonder if you either have no humor, no irony, lotsa mirrorphobia, fear of anything beyond ultra-subjective pictures, a case of uncurious ageold scapegoaterism (to pathological invalidate disown and project the impression you make on others without exception) or all at once.

piet | Homepage | 11.28.05 - 9:09 pm |


I forgot to mention sarcasm .. .

by the way, I replied after reading the quotes under mistaken assumption Av made that (8:38) comment, I've read the rest now too adn see it's a comment by Rowan. Heh.

Are you saying she ought to prune uncouth language?

Turn this blog into bonsai?

If Mary is an undercover zionist out to collect and tease out proof of violent intention, prosecutable flamage etcetera, Av is her best bait
(seeing reality ((move)) only and exclusively
in terms of violence, much like rightwingers howling about Ward Churchill's wish to 'see the USA off the planet altogether', never admitting he might think of and prefer peaceful secession
((he's easy, would go either way))). Personally I am weighing chances Av could be an anti-semite who thinks he is clever for playing the villain so consistently, taking perverse pride in impersonating the mindset 'sporters' who's favorite historical
bludgeon is not just a but THE holocaust and who's edge on violent praxis he
(and the likes of him) would love to take over.

this comments board is getting mighty crowded, and i will try to put my €0.02 in (just got a new keyboard with the Euro sign, so humour me). I will start with the latest post, and try to move upwards, if not exactly onwards.

piet: WHO am I quoting out of context big time? I generally include complete texts in my articles, Have I a sense of humour? I like to think so, but only my hairdresser knows for sure. And WHAT in the world do I have to do with scapegoating?

Joe: this is the problem with MH. He wants to decide what the correct Jewish thought is, who a real Jew is. It might be good for him to open his eyes and find out that not everyone accepts his tribal and racist world view.

MHoward: welcome to INTERNET! it's a crazy place where you write an article and find it simultaneously on: a far right, a far left, a wacko, a religious, an atheist, a humour, a political discussion etc site... people pick up whatever! Looking up things about maps, I would find the most Zionist ones on Christian sites, if you want to know. Do you like those strange bedfellows? But, you seem to tolerate them fairly well enough.

As to the Islamic Jihad, I don't remember ever mentioning support for them. Those who have followed this blog from the outset know two things: I am only interested in giving whatever service I can to seeing that the Palestinian people get their rights. If this means through elections, they have every right on this earth to have the parties run that they feel are going
to resolve their situation. You look at Hamas as suicide bombers, the Palestinians see them as a political and social force with a militia. The other thing you learn from this blog is that it is about time to start thinking out of the box:

Two states for two people is not going to work. Right now MH, you are probably supporting it, three years ago, I bet not... ideas develop and one has got to stop thinking about what's best for the tribe. You can't divide Palestine, you never could. It is time to realise this. If Jews are happy to live as equal citizens in the land they took, I think they will be able to do that. Otherwise, they are going to have to be ready for permanent war, because there will always be a Palestinian people, and they will not be crushed no matter what suits you and your family out there in Massachusetts.

thecutter | Homepage | 11.28.05 - 9:48 pm | #

ya know piet, I HAVE been accused of being an undercover zionist before. The first time, it shocked me, because I haven't got a zionist cell in my body, but I realise it is because these ideas of more militant solidarity are beyond the things the left gatekeepers want, and to keep themselves
central to the discourse, they discredit anyone or anything outside of it.

thecutter | Homepage | 11.28.05 - 9:52 pm | #

sorry about the confusium, I WAS responding to 'IT' I think y'all call him (why?) who was quoting 5 'boarders' here to prove his choosyness
(nose for choice bits of . . . eh .. .I guess he sees them as indictables, attacks, exhibits or something).

unpublished: I don't know what Gilad sounds like (neither voice nor saxophornblowwise) but the next link goes to a person who audibly illustrates some of that stereotypically bizarre mix of intellectualism (in the sense of fevered dreams and visions of social software,
lefty flavored grey matter farming the old fashioned way, via books by marx in this case)
with patriarchal drive to win. 
the one at the top linked from here:

'anger'? 'power'? thinning/spreading minerals from rocks, trees in a forest, people out of cities

God why can't these terminally brought up short 'alphabeateikels'
(eikels = dicks) focus on thinning? Why herd people into masses and pull godgiven diversity forsaking pile, (ac)count, and store beyond town size scope and scale games?

Rowan Berkeley | 11.26.05 - 9:12 am | # 


Excellent!!!!!!!!! sticking feathers enemies let fly at you to attempt derogation and bad light painting in your hat is a pride taking process caught in the single dutch word 'geuzennaam'
(from the days they fought/inundated the spanish, then very much under semito expansion spell and sponsorship ((ask the forest sprites how lovely they think that word)), pretty irrelevant wether Moor or jew no? They certainly had to learn deal with waves of both since then), an anglo-recent example would be 'queer'. * 
short but highly enlightening file; here's a quote:
"Joseph’s story teaches that
security comes not from aligning yourself with those with power and strength, but from working together with the poorest in society and promoting justice for the oppressed. If you seek only your own welfare, and persecute others to achieve it, you may become persecuted yourself. The text contains a timeless message: none of us are free until all of us are free."
--- typical case of left ziomarxism scolding the left ziocapitalism? Anyway, I was onboard for this part already, it goes a little farther than that thoug: "Rather than simply a means to survive a famine, Joseph’s plan can be read as a self-fulfilling prophecy. By taking away the people’s surpluses , they were forced into agricultural overproduction, and the over farming of the land is the chief cause of the resultant famine. The programme is simply a means for the state to take control, to overthrow a localised ,
autonomous society, and turn it into a centralised autocracy, similar to the use of enclosure in English history."


Observe Partition's Remembrance Day --

vs Gehrig
link) . ..
can only be reached as a cache at the mo
(at least a minute ago I it allowed me to reach it
; excerpts:

Re: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: "What's the Matter with Indymedia?"
by David Gehrig
- zemblan (nospam) (verified) Current rating: 28 Jul 2005
----- One more comment on the topic of "Just Too Fucking Whack" -- what happens when a just-too-fucking-whack actually _runs_ an IMC? Check it out for yourself; it's called SF-IMC, and is the vestigial rump left from the Great San Francisco Schism, a nasty divorce in which one SF-based IMC ("Indybay") got the bulk of the energy and the other ("SF-IMC") got, among other things, nessie. Indybay was one of the ones listed as "exemplary" in the article above, and deservedly so. San Francisco -- and the IMC network as a whole -- voted with its
Nessie's commented on the alternet article too; see

gehrig vs nessie -- by nessie fan

You're lying, gehrig. Here's what nessie REALLY says.  

a different anchor than Gehrig links to, this pattern repeats:



the item collected comments for over 5 weeks and is 280 total, i am posting the original link.

speaking of partition, ghettoization, displacement, refugeedom
and especially demonization .. .. is anybody here familiar with Karl Kraus?

I am looking for an opportunity to locate all the instances he creates similes, coins expression and uses metaphors with 'philister' as prominent ingredient. He was an agnostic independent journal publisher using very lingwinded, contorted, flowery grace note and sidelines filled styles. The jews of Vienna were often targets of his misprision, derision and
(he was one himself and influenced Canetti but suprisingly few others, the mailing list is very quiet and last I asked there ((years
received no

There is a searchable cd out and otherwise I'll have to venture into a university town some time.

in response to MHoward775 | 12.01.05 - 6:31 pm | # 

Colt, have you read the books yet that T.J.Madison recommended to you? Here are a few more: Naeimi Giladi, BenGurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad eliminated Jews and Wilbur Crane Eveland, Ropes of Sand. The report of the former Israeli and present U.S. citizen, Naemi Giladi, on Zionist anti-Jewish (and anti-American) activities in the Iraq of around 1950 can also be read on the website of Neturei Karta (Jews united against Zionism). Giladi, a former Iraqi Jew, claims that the Jewish community of Iraq, which had been living for generations in that country in relative peace, was induced to migrate to Israel by an underground Zionist bombing campaign. His view is backed up by the late Wilbur Crane Eveland, a former senior officer of the CIA, in his book Ropes of Sand. 

Eveland states that the 1950 attacks in Baghdad on the United States Information Service Library (a favorite gathering place for young Jews)and on various synagogues came from Zionist agents and that the US Embassy received at the time conclusive proof of that. These bits of information seem all the more relevant today in view of the complaints about an increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents in France. Recently the Jewish Agency delared that it wanted at least 10,000 French Jews to migrate to Israel. Sharon has also publicly hammered on this theme in his usual bull-in- the-China shop way. Who is behind some of these alleged anti-Semitic incidents? There are scarce bits of information. On the 18th of May Le Monde reported that the 17th Chamber of the 'tribunal correctionel' in Paris had sentenced Alexander Moise to a suspended prison term of two months and a fine. Moise,the head of the "French Friends of Israel's Likud Party" organization, had confessed that the alleged threatening and insulting telephone calls, regarding which he had filed a complaint in January, came from himself. In short, Mr.Madison doesn't seem 'unhinged' to me at all. He has just been less selective in gathering information than is commonly the case with the 'friends of Israel'.
-- Arie Brand

Ghassan Kanafani (10-19-03, 05:32 PM):

Baghdad's youngest Jew : I wish Saddam could return 

In Saddam's day, there was the rule of law, there was safety. Now I dare not let my daughter out of the house. She won't be able to complete her studies. This is what the Americans have
brought", said Subhiyya What good is that to us. Look at our houses, look at the way we
live … has democracy put food on our tables, safety on our streets, electricity in our homes. Saddam did all these
things," Nidhal replied Not completely out of representation , but it has to be said
that Saddam loved his Jews (and Christians) ...... a little bias from their side cannot be shoved aside
that easily. 

There are fewer than 20 Jews living in Baghdad, almost all to
be found in the al-Bitawin district. Down from over 125,000 less than 60 years ago.
Nidhal Salhi , the community's youngest member, is in her late 40s: I was born here, I was brought up here, all my friends are here
– why on earth should I want to leave? Sometimes I cry that I have no children and that I'm the last of my people – but I
love my home and Baghdad.

Baghdad's oldest Jew, Yaqub told the gathering that no Jew would ever have left Iraq if it hadn't been for the British.
Baghdad Jews: Exodus or extinction-Lawrence Smallman
Interesting no ....... Otheadp ? Im sure hes just delirious ....

The story of Iraqi Jews is told by an ex-zionist Jew , Naem Giladi : Iraqi

The story of Yemenite Jewry might be of interest as well: Yemenite Jews
-- Both I have dealt with in my thread already The Jewish Question ( , so I will not elab! orate on this particular issue any
further. More importantly is the future , and Iraqi Jewry is threatened with extinction. Allthough I do not forsee some vivid return
of all our Jewish peoples , I do hope that a few might consider to go home, their real home , and rebuild their ancient
communitites. Perhaps Naem himself could hook up with miss Nidhal and make
some nice Hebrew babies :D (if she still can)


Repression of Palestinian Activists in the US


Gerry, you may know already but search with: "cancer cures"
and/or 'Hoxsey' and/or 'Rife' if you don't know these two geniuses already, I have a list with a whole lot more someplace if you
want.. .. . wait . . .. .
Pietje Puk's april nettage; world's first grippy dig-it-all
gropings.  ... concerning some celebrity's unconventional cancer therapy:
I have Just Read ... it is on Hoxsey (; the most gripping story of the year I feel ...
../2001/april.htm - 84k 

. . one of the files that doesn't really exist anymore at lycos but google wants to hold on to good memories I guess .. . . 
being as good to me
(since I am pleased to be reminded of
hilites among hilites)
as I to them
(in the hilitin' bizz if
ever any company was)
and if they get more transparant as they
go along a trajectory I captioned thus in the dead of night after Allah was showing me all I love during the time I was awake
from having drunk coffee that had boiled
= 'geprutteld')
a good little
de weg terug en vooruit naar kleinschalige prachtbegint bij
vrijlaten van vrouwen en aan de macht.

= the road back and forward to smallscale beauty begins with leaving women free and in pow(d)er.



endlessly repeated argument: Nobody has
right to post garbage from neo-nazi web sites'

which he claims, tends to
'give people the go ahead to kill other people, whether you believe it or not.'


Stuff from such sites is indeed dangerous but only in the sense any
popul(ar)ist feelings, measures, worldviews, real and perceived  differences and choices are; widely carried sentiment attracts impulsive and unreflective folk as well as thoughtful ones. Their danger lies, lurks and lurks in every aspect and faction where
explicit pacifist and -ism fails and/or is lacking. In top decent
circles pacifism is implicit and goes without saying
(I expect Av not to understand this and am not writing this for the likes of him).

Nazis didn't have the right idea (went about curing the ailments ((centralizations of the secretive rather than open variety)) the wrong way) but the diagnosis had it's merit even if violent cures haven't and won't ever work, what will is force applied to the bottom rungs of/along the radial/vertical axis between subsoil rock and canopy

Read her lips ziomaggot mechanical clueless clock,

Anonymous | 12.01.05 - 5:04 am | #

Haha, funny!! Reminds me of the Margot Fonteyn documentary I saw last
weekend; this lady who lacked social skills of all sorts let herself be
used posing as a cog in a clock, rigid, on one foot, a loooooong time,
turned at will by a range of men, no doubt expert at telling time.
Zionism is the culmination of patriarchy no matter what lovely things
folks like Ivry Dov
canadian ice hockey freak I share birthday with; 2 of spades day)

laud it for
the opposite. ..of course)..


At Fri Dec 02, 07:03:00 AM 2005, Blogger Ibrahamav said...

Not a word made any particular sense. Is this a Babbleblog?

At Fri Dec 02, 09:51:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Piet,

Well done!
You might like this site, a wealth of ziomaggot mechanical clueless clock quotes ;)


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