Tuesday, December 06, 2005

quoting Rowan Berkeley again

national anarchist: 5. CONDUCTING POLITICS FROM GREAT HEIGHTS (AND SIMILAR FANTASIES) One of the more comical approaches to anti-Establishment politics can be seen from those who urge that ‘we’, or ‘the white people’ or ‘the black people’ or ‘the working class’ or a particular nation or group of nations, or some other enormous social group ought to adopt some grand political position vis-à-vis some great opposition force. Perhaps one of the best examples appeared in an Internet discussion group recently when one Mr Rowan Berkeley advanced the following argument: I may as well say this, if we wish to reverse the Black colonisation of Europe and North America, we should be prepared to surrender all of Africa to the Blacks, and Australasia to the East Asians. Only an Imperial system of hegemonic States will allow Whites to keep their continental outposts without allowing Black and Asian immigration to White home continents in exchange, and conversely, only an offer to Black and Asian Nationalists of their entire continents returned will obtain their agreement to quit ours. --

Mr Berkeley responded with, inter alia, the following: My opinion is that the inherent contradiction between Jewish multiculturalism (for everybody else) and Jewish monoculturalism (for Jews) will lead to a general collapse of the moral order (now there's a disarmingly old-fashioned expression which should reassure our concerned friends who may be eavesdropping). By 'general collapse' I mean a collapse at all levels, from Buck House to the local pub. A good phrase for this (from the mostly harmless Jurgen Habermas, I think) is 'legitimation crisis'. When that happens, there will be an equally general demand for a system, of ideological wallpaper (to put it no higher) that the erstwhile multicultural States can use to reorganise themselves. Schemes for equitable and consensual population exchange will suddenly become fashionable. Except perhaps in Jewish circles, since it is not at all clear that the hodge-podge of people who are currently taught to call themselves 'Jews' actually have a homeland to go back to, qua 'Jews', the modern Jewish identity being really fictitious, a product of 19th century fantasists. Absent their various hare-brained schemes for culture- and race-mixing, though, it is perfectly possible that the world's other inhabitants will breathe a sigh of relief and start discussing the happy project of consensually unscrambling their populations. If you can't imagine that, you've lost the gift of optimism.

-- more at the other 'spots'. and also of interest: alexandr-dugin-quotes-jacov-bromberg.html --- From an interview Joshua Frank did recently with Ward Churchill


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