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A weekend's worth of reads and writes (more Bitchin at/and AI)

This is what I posted and copied for repostage this past weekend in chronological order

the parts in these colours have ties with hyperstition -- and the ones in these relate to our miraculous bitch - be aware that these are teazers, tastes and hi-lites, for proper context I refer you to the sources: and lbo-talk/Week-of-Mon-20051205/thread.html

'people become less shamefaced about burning up the past and to compensate pretend they are heaving heaps of future into the present'

I have to agree with that except that they aren't pretending about the heaving of heaps of the future, they are successfully heaving. There doesn't seem to be much real interest in stopping this, as those interested include kooky fringe groups and preservationists of physical things.

'With that understanding I agree, admit and take into account we are all connected'

That is like the blanket in 'I Heart Huckabees,' the greatest film made in the 21st century thus far (Lily Tomlin alone is a work of art)
Patrick J. Mullins | 12.10.05 - 3:41 pm | #

the stuff sent to pulp culture didn't post but is here now: hypered.html
piet | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 7:04 pm | #

When you get the blanket thing you can relax because everything you could ever want or be you already have and are. Does that sound pretty good?
—I ? Huckabees
northanger | 12.11.05 - 8:08 am | #

Honestly, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I thought we were talking about petroleum.
northanger | 12.11.05 - 8:10 am | #

uh, piety. slighly confused by nuptionotional protocol when you say BLAST SMASH & all that. is your bonobo approach to barrier breach simply: knock on the damn door & see who answers, silly?

monkey see, monkey screw :: If you don't remember Ciccolina, it's because you never saw her. A giantess with ass-length platinum hair, usually adorned with a crown of flowers, Ciccolina was a member of the Italian Parliament who came to politics from a career as a porn actress. She had deeply held political beliefs, such as "War I no like; nude, I like." She offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein if he would get out of Iraq. It didn't work, but think about solving international conflict with bombshells instead of bombs. It's just so ... Austin Powers.

Scientist makes case that morality predates man :: "One is a gruff-looking, ambitious character with anger-management issues. The other is an egalitarian proponent of a free-spirited lifestyle." ... The question is: Which ape are we? Peaceable, sexy, female-dominated bonobos or warlike, male-dominated chimps?
northanger | 12.11.05 - 9:03 am | #

I am just trying to convey my impression that kurzweil and his ilk are simply hi-jacking the blessings of rock dust administry, taking descriptions of such actions hostage and turn them into slaves to labour for/at his fabulation, this displacement, transport and remove is exactly the reverse of the fabled alien abductions alive and well within the Winter/Icke fringe. It simply exports surpluses in ways and spirits similar to the ones bearing risky venture capital to unknown places in the last great age of exploration, discovery and ruination of relative quarantine dependent indiginous qualities; is that diversity so irretrievable lost people set out to replace it with a multitude of hardware and digital screws?
piet | Homepage | 12.11.05 - 10:22 am | #

I've left a great load of descriptions and mind's eye impression of my hearfelt yearning: knock on rock entertainingly and safely yet challenging enough, then 'met de resultaten dermate geschikt om te springen', handle the product to make spring springyer, and so that unemployment, the dumb aspects of free trade doctrine and degenerate diseases all disappear within a generation, most found here:
piet | Homepage | 12.11.05 - 10:47 am | # ****************** I [Heart] Huckabees

Existential detective Bernard Jaffe (Dustin Hoffman) explaining to activist/poet Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman) the interconnectedness of things in David O. Russell's philosophical 2004 film I [Heart] Huckabees:

BJ: Say this blanket represents all the matter and energy in the universe, okay? You, me, everything. Nothing has been left out. Alright? All the particles, everything.
AM: What's that side of the blanket?
BJ: More blanket. That's the point.
AM: The blanket's everything.
BJ: Exactly, this is everything. OK, let's just say this is me, and I'm what, 60 odd years old and I'm wearing a grey suit. Blah, blah, blah. And let's say that over here this is you and, I don't know, you're 21, you've got dark hair, Etc. And over here this is Vivian, my wife and colleague. And over here, this is the Eiffel Tower, right? It's Paris! And this is a war. And this is a museum. And this is a disease. And this is an orgasm. And this is a hamburger.
AM: Everything is the same even if it's different.
BJ: Exactly! But our everyday mind forgets this. We think everything is separate, limited. I'm over here. You're over there. Which is true, but it's not the whole truth because we're all connected. Because we are connected.
AM: Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure.
AM: Yeah.
BJ: We need to learn how to see the blanket truth all of the time right in the everyday stuff. And that's what this is for.
AM: Why?
BJ: Why what?
AM: Why do I need to see the blanket thing all of the time in the everyday stuff?
BJ: Well, you wouldn't want to miss out on the big picture, would you?
AM: Nah uh.
BJ: And that's partly why you're here. And I'm talking about it right now. I mean, it will take awhile for you to get it but it will help you.
AM: How?
BJ: When you get the blanket thing you can relax because everything you could ever want or be you already have and are. Does that sound pretty good?
AM: That sounds very good!
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Via last mentioned blog I make a little detour: on female intellect (arianne Huffington)
--- the blog has moved since then:

Answering Northanger:
I am just trying to convey my impression that kurzweil and his ilk are simply hi-jacking the blessings of rock dust administry, taking descriptions of such actions hostage and turn them into slaves to labour for/at his fabulation, this displacement, transport and remove is exactly the reverse of the fabled alien abductions alive and well within the Winter/Icke fringe. It simply exports surpluses in ways and spirits similar to the ones bearing risky venture capital to unknown places in the last great age of exploration, discovery and ruination of relative quarantine dependent indiginous qualities; is that diversity so irretrievable lost people set out to replace it with a multitude of hardware and digital screws?

Venezuela delivers, Indian tribes continue talks for low cost gas and oil
Brenda Norrell, 09.12.2005 03:07
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez honors his promise to provide low cost heating oil in the U.S.; American Indians are in talks with Venezuela to bring low cost oil and gas to their communities.
Inaugural Peace Wheel awarded to Brett White, the hubmotor man downunder
Fish 09 Dec 2005 00:23 GMT ---- PO Box 108, Samford, 4520, Queensland.

Never mind the Holy Grail. First 250 million-year-old peace award goes to cyberspace and airpond knight errant.

The 2005 Peace Wheel has gone to Brett White of Newcastle in Oz, Nepal and other places. He won it for the vast amount of free advice and help he has offered all and sundry across the planet, on light-vehicle electric hubmotors. Our accredited herald, Sir Google, will explain the boring bits. He knows Brett well, having had him at the very top of his "hubmotor" lists, against strong paying and non-paying competition from commercial companies. If you have been one of the countless billions who have received helpful email replies, you may have noticed the time given as 3.48 am or something similar. A very fine effort.

The Peace Wheel is a bit smaller than the usual international award, being roughly 1 cm in diameter. It is also less hideous than the average award by two orders of magnitude. The dimensions are stated as "roughly," because we have not found two quite the same. The wheel is a section of a crinoid stem, almost exactly 250 million years old. Happy birthday, little crinoid stem. It is one of a very small collection that has been held in trust for many years by the committee. They were the gift of a part-Aboriginal, part -Afghan, part-Irish cattle duffer (a cattle rustler, to those of you who stand upside down or sideways), George Latham. George left the army in WW2 to go back to his work, and built a charcoal burner for his old ute so that he could. He left because someone shouted at him, that he had to close one eye when firing his rifle. To a dogger, that was absurd. How can you see which way the dingo is turning if you close your other eye? The dingoes have forgiven George and many Japanese and German families perhaps got their sons back intact from that festival of pleasantries, because George declined to attend.

The Peace Wheel has lain peacefully for rather a long time. But, as the Permian coal swamps and the tar sands next to whom it lived are at present being evicted from their beds and burned, it has decided to speak out in its own way. It is concerned for its fellow fossils, so many of whom are now facing extinction and expulsion via tailpipes.

The awards committee consists of two old men and a three-legged dingo-dog called Fish who, since he represents the rest of the biosphere, chairs the committee, has two votes and also has the one in the case of a deadlock. All award winners will have the right to one vote in future selections. The committee is dedicated to being as biased as possible in its judgements. It will do its best to skew the awards towards ordinary folk who do whatever it is for free and to the everlasting detriment of the growth economy and of all who sail in her on the upper decks. The Peace Wheel award committee is also openly volunteerist. All members are known to have been card-carrying members of voluntary organisations, or at least, to have once owned bus tickets. No member of the committee has ever owned a dynamite factory. One did come close to being forwarded to a higher sphere by Mr Nobel's gift to the planet, but on careful deliberation, that was not considered sufficient grounds for exclusion.

The winners for the 2006 Peace Wheel have been selected and will shortly be informed of their nonfortune, but nominations are open now for 2007 and will remain open till the end of 2006. All sentient life forms are eligible. Nominations for non-sentient or ex-sentient beings, local, astral or inter-galactic, will be considered on their merits, provided they can prove prior ownership of a bus ticket. If you yourself are sentient, you may nominate yourself and welcome. If you know someone or something or some group that you think ought to get the next Peace Wheel, feel free to nominate her, him, herhim, it or them. Send your application fee in whatever currency you like but preferably in solar nanomoney, to anywhere other than here. We do not want your money even if it has been organically sterilized by chacma baboons.

There is one vacancy on the awards committee. A bunya tree has applied, but if you are a starfish, a sky god, a lady seal or meerkat, or failing that any sort of lady, the bunya tree has graciously offered to withdraw its application, to accommodate you..

Happy Birthday to crinoids everywhere. Keep the faith. Your time will come again. Woof to all the rest of you also and well done, Hubmotorman


for The Peace Wheel Award Committee, and the rest of the biosphere.

The 2005 Peace Wheel has gone to Brett White of Newcastle in Oz, Nepal and other places. He won it for the vast amount of free advice and help he has offered all and sundry across the planet, on light-vehicle electric hubmotors. Our accredited herald, Sir Google, will explain the boring bits. He knows Brett well, having had him at the very top of his "hubmotor" lists, against strong paying and non-paying competition from commercial companies. If you have been one of the countless billions who have received helpful email replies, you may have noticed the time given as 3.48 am or something similar. A very fine effort.
review of a recent Frans de Waal book

Sandwich man all ago glow go!!!!!!

- Bitch has offfended him and he's off:

one of the one too many tentacles wrote,

>please spare us declarations of the pure heart. You're human. you fucked
>up. we teach. you learn. grow the fuck up. i've been called on the carpet
>for racism, sexism classism, etc. i got over it and learned something. you
>can to.

Don't even bother 'replying' if you have to hide behind another one of
your thousand webmail addresses. Whether I fucked up or not is none of
your fucking business, Bitch. If I fucked up, it had/has nothing to do
with your gratuitous ersatz-feminist critique. I damned well AM racist,
sexist, classist, ageist, speciesist and every other kind of "ist" you
can think of. So are you and so is everyone in this racist, sexist,
classist, culture. I also know a thing or two about feminism --
even taught it at Uni -- and it's not about finger-pointing and
name-calling. It's a social analysis and you're off by about 180
degrees. I learn something every day, but not from people reciting
cliches I've heard a thousand times in a tone of voice that suggests
they are the arbiter of political correctness and that I am to be made a
bad example of.

Such a bloody hypocrite, it's not funny. "Spare us declarations of the
pure heart," the pure heart declares. "Grow the fuck up," orders the
whiner. Don't make me laugh. You're up on your stump, Bitch, for one
reason and one reason only -- to elevate yourself. Some analysis. Go get
drunk and feel sorry for yourself at least it will add to the economy.

The Sandwichman

Carrol wrote:
> Tom Walker wrote:
> >
> > In other words, to criticize Coulter, our discourse must be so elevated that it is
> > inaccessible to a popular audience. Coulter can be a political
> whore but we must not use the word "whore". Well, fuck that.
> Your argument as a whole is correct, but your tactical/rhetorical
> suggestions are, I think, a non sequitur. As Kelley pointed out, no
> one on this list has any respect for Coulter's politics, hence in this
> context nothing is gained by anything one might say about her.

In the case of Ann Coulter and self-described white right-wing
"pretty girls" like her, looks _is_ politics (there is nothing else
they are paid to display): rich, white, tall, thin, able-bodied, etc.
= good and beautiful vs. poor, non-white, short, fat, disabled, etc.
= bad and ugly. That is all there is to it. (It's like a failed
parody of Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia -- the first time as tragedy,
the second time as farce. . . .) Just as we question their bogus
claim to goodness, we question their bogus claim to beauty, for both
claims are nothing but claims to plutocracy and white supremacy.

What's especially galling about the white supremacist politics of
beauty is that white supremacists first try to browbeat non-whites
into accepting the white standard of beauty; and then, (after being
subjected to centuries of browbeating), if some non-whites happen to
accept it and try to emulate it by resorting to hair straightening,
plastic surgery, etc., they get ridiculed by -- the same white
people! -- for lacking in self respect and anyway still failing to
measure up to the white standard. !!!

Smash the idols, I say.

On my placards shall be inscribed the faces of Margaret Cho, Rosa
Parks, Harriet McBryde Johnson, and other beautiful women on the Left!

The Sandwichwoman

Carrol wrote,

>Your argument as a whole is correct, but your tactical/rhetorical
>suggestions are, I think, a non sequitur.

I agree that if what I wrote was meant as a rhetorical suggestion it
would indeed have been a non sequitur. My rhetorical suggestion would be
to write about things that matter rather than to stand around poking
shit with a stick and making faces. My "rhetorical suggestion" would be
to not to say dismissive things about Ann Coulter. My rhetorical
suggestion would be to not say anything at all about Ann Coulter. The
point of Ann Coulter's act is to get attention and saying anything only
feeds the beast. But if I happen to fart, I don't find it terribly
interesting either to be lectured by shit-shovelers about how I'm
smelling up the ambience. Fuck that hypocrisy. Nothing I say about Ann
Coulter has absolutely anything to do with any progressive strategy I
have in mind. For that matter, nothing I say on LBO has much to do with
any progressive strategy because the level of discourse on this list is
almost exclusively at the level of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Believe
me, ANYTHING I say on this list is purely for the sake of amusement,
primarily my own, because I am perfectly capable of calculating the
ratio of trash to substance here. And when the trash comes up with "we
teach. you learn." it's a pretty good indication that anything one could
say here is indeed a non sequitur because there is non to sequitur.

The Sandwichman

So by your own admission you're adding to the quantity of trash?


Absolutely. There's not a word in anything I posted to these threads
that I would bother to archive. Laura Mulvey's Lacanian psychoanalytic
film critique was gibberish 30 years ago. Today it's 30-year old
gibberish. Me arguing with third-hand regurgitations of 30-year old
gibberish is trash.

The Sandwichman

A follow up and flesh out of that last one (quoting Paglia) is here:

W. Kiernan wrote:
> Tom Walker wrote:
> > ...In this context, "Ann Coulter" is NOT a woman. She
> > is not even a person...
> I dig what you're saying and all, but stepping just outside of your
> specialized context, Ann Coulter _is_ a person, a woman.

Well, we know Ann Coulter plays one on TV. After all, gender is
performance. The thing is that it is because of her gender
performance that Coulter is useful for the Right. We did win the
Culture War . . . to an extent. The extent of the small victory is
that nowadays the Right can't purvey sexism without having "women"
like Coulter give cover for them, racism without having "Black men"
like Clarence Thomas and "Asian women" like Michelle Malkin give
cover for them, etc. To say that Coulter is a victim of sexism is to
say that Thomas is a victim of "high-tech lynching."

> Anyway there's something vaguely insulting to women in general,
> including even the physically lovely ones who'd pass the audition,
> to dismiss Ann Coulter _solely because_ "she's a stringy-ass skank"
> or whatever, as Anti-Coulterites sometimes do. If she'd look a
> little more beautiful - like Gisele Bundchen or something - she'd
> be cool? but she doesn't, so she ain't. Like as though when rating
> a woman - innocent enough in itself, all guys do that, all girls
> rate guys - her physical appearance outranks her intelligence, wit,
> accomplishments and character all put together.

Well, if anyone puts down Ann Coulter _solely_ on account of her
looks, she should consider herself lucky -- that's probably the
kindest cut. I don't consider an insult to her to be an insult to
women in general. She may play a woman on TV, but there is nothing
in common between her and women on the left -- her sole raison d'etre
for the right-wing media is to insult women on the left in particular
and the (very broadly defined) left in general. Her fortune may rise
or fall, but that won't affect our lot at all. If ours truly rises,
though, hers will go down. (Notice the lack of symmetry here.)

And, speaking more generally, it must be admitted that, regarding
_some_ men and women, it is nearly impossible not to believe that
their physical appearance outranks their intelligence, wit,
accomplishments, and character all put together. What am I to say
about Keanu Reeves' "intelligence, wit, accomplishments, and
character"? All I can say is that he seems not unpleasant (something
that I cannot say about Coulter, Thomas, Malkin, etc.). On the other
hand, for women like Emily Dickinson (yesterday was her birthday) and
men like Diego Rivera, it doesn't matter at all that they weren't
much to look at.

> (I've also got 2,147 files in my q:\pix\fashion\kate_moss directory)

Oh dear, a fanboy. I must say, though, I was rooting for Kate Moss lately, because if her career had gone down with the coke scandal, it would have been a victory for anti-drug-warriors. As it happened, Ms. Moss triumphed: Recently, Moss has picked up a string of new contracts and held onto her old ones - including, perhaps fittingly, Yves Saint Laurent's Opium perfume. The ultimate accolade comes Thursday when French Vogue - perhaps the fashion industry's most influential publication - hits the stands
with a December issue devoted to Moss. The tag line on the cover: "Scandalous Beauty." Add the Vogue cover picture to your collection.

Yoshie Furuhashi

Walker: Most of what passes for discussion involves people displaying their
well-rehearsed canned opinions on commonplaces that have been
ephemerally elevated by the spectacle apparatus.


Although you delivered your critique with all the fellow feeling
exhibited by Achilles when he plunged the business end of his sword into
Hector's neck and, to show how he really felt, dragged the broken body
behind his chariot, I must admit you do - from where I sit - appear to
have a point.

Indeed, I'm sure that I'm one of the most diligently working 'trash
men', slinging useless text out into the void with all the skill of a
monkey behind the wheel of a monster truck (in a more just world, I'd be
sent to a re-education camp to learn gravitas and originality - and by
"re-education camp" I mean a free trip to Tokyo and by "learn" I mean
'get a sexy job at I.G. Studios').

But then again... It occurs to me that the situation you're describing is not unique to
LBO but is, in fact, pretty much the way most humans talk to each other
most of the time.

If that's the case then perhaps your criticisms are based upon a desire
that this forum would be 'elevated' and therefore, what: more
theoretically original? Less dependent upon news sources for topics of
concern? More focused on practical information about the day-to-day
workings of the world?

If you could have your way, what would you be reading here instead of
the, as you wrote, "pap"?


sound health advice:

I went looking for news on a colourfully printed affirmation books centered cult, outflow of the violet flame fairy tale faction from the 30s, neither good examples of present day matriarchy in my opinion, more like schisms in catholicism. In a trial a former employee sued for 253 milion and got awarded half of one which his former little tyrant was ordered to cough up, though she tried to fight it all the way up to supreme court which denied the writ of certiorari. wikipedia says it triggered her apocalypticism. "The Church itself built what is arguably the largest privately owned bomb shelter in the US. Designed for 756 people, with food storage for seven years, the cavernous underground city had generators, communications equipment, and room to store semi-trucks and armored personnel carriers. This was built at an estimated cost of $20 million. (The funds came largely from the sale of the Church's former campus in Calabasas, California [near Los Angeles].)" news on the summit lighthouse AKA church universal and triumphant;

"Church leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet had said nuclear war was likely, and bombs could land in Paradise Valley. Church members hoped the bombs would never launch, but they wanted to be prepared if the missiles did fly.

On the night of March 15, 1990, hundreds if not thousands of CUT members entered the bomb shelters they had hurriedly constructed. They had gathered here from as far as Europe and South America. Some had quit jobs and run up big debt, anticipating apocalypse.

The times were weird and tense. The media swarmed all over Paradise Valley.
Then, nothing happened. Church officials maintained the next day the whole thing had been a drill. But some members didn't know that: before they left their shelters, they turned on the Geiger counters."

early this year they were getting ready to put in 18.000 sq f of new office space on the 6.000 acres remaining after selling of as many to the fed.

"The year 1999 appears to be a tipping point, a time when the church and its neighbors learned to get along, 18 years after the church bought its first property in Park County. .. . .. But 1999 was also the year Prophet announced she had Alzheimer's disease and would retire, removing the charismatic but controversial leader from the church's forefront."

During my short visit in the 80s I was asked to cover legs and arms.

via the following:
National Center for Science Education
Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools

Vine Deloria Jr, Creationism, and Ethnic Pseudoscience
by H David Brumble

Vine Deloria, a Standing Rock Sioux, has been an important advocate for American Indians for more than 25 years. He has defended Indian claims in the courts; he has acted as an Indian spokesman in Washington. Deloria is also a professor of history, law, and religious studies at the University of Colorado.

His books have brought Indian concerns to a broad audience. He burst upon the scene in 1969 with Custer Died for Your Sins, and he has continued to write about injustices done the Indians by the government, the schools, the church, anthropologists, and the courts. Most recently he has taken on the scientists in Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact. Imagine how Deloria's own people must have felt when this distinguished man returned to the Standing Rock Reservation to talk — no, to consult — with them about science. Deloria describes just such a scene in this book. He returns to the reservation and delivers a speech. In this speech he discusses a problem in paleontology that he is currently working on. Deloria believes that a certain sawtooth-backed "monster" in one of the Sioux tales is really a stegosaurus:

After my speech a couple of the traditional people approached me and said that the next time I came, if I had time, they would take me to see the spot where the people last saw this creature, implying that it was still possible to see the animal during the last century before the reservations were established. I gave their knowledge credence (p 243).
I've got a quandary for ya: which side of the divide would you choose, or can you play brigde?

The gap yawns and a good number of lefties hope (and organize for) the day 'de wallen' (A'dam sex.come district) get whiped off the map dawns.

Tonight an ex whore, Mariska Majoor, defended the days of her dual slot window waredom sitting next to another, Karina Schaapman, who stands by the persuasion described in the previous sentence and who's incontrovertible suit was the reports most prosts behind these windows are victims lives traded over their heads, usually after falling for lies and forced to stay there through debt, etcetera.

It was all very amicable; see both ladies here (real and wm both hi and low):
custom template here (small print amenable to enlargement)
menstruation-why-is-it-so-hard-to-say.html ozzie intellect who was on LBO in the past
(nice mellow colours and I have gotten to appreciate the line height setting such as here as well after first hating the early adopters for it - seems ages ago - internet speeds kill time like nothing before which says a lot about it's potential to bring it alive). (white blog called ' scribbling woman')

Piet, I'm afraid you're writing is often thoroughly thrilling.
Patrick J. Mullins | 12.11.05 - 10:15 pm | #

that's why I routinely save them, I can stomach yours fine too thanks.

.. and herewith/therefore suggest we should just 'plemp' the other tangent 'vol' with currentsee rambles (only 5 right now) since this one is gonna cost our sweet abstractdynamicizers exponentially more money as we append more (the law of diminishing returns rules in digitalia after all).

this week the largest dutch blog had a 1000 comment item!!!! (moronic one liners ((by fast car and laughs at a new sucker everyday's expense)) but more and more staggering to 'serve' nevertheless)
Beeotch: I’m getting an error?

I assume you refer to sex dot com? --- they have a tempree page up now, signed 'adult sites against child pornography' at the bottom, godda draw the line someplace right? --- but I just meant to indicate the biggest commercial sex district 'de wallen', not any bitchomp site, the REAL place where the 'grachten' canals are REAL narrow and the palette to dip your pinsel in REAL wide.

Ah wait, it's that damn p command again, between code clamps, behind the links - I tried telling you last week but that may have been when my comments stopped going through.

I forgot to mention (praise the loawd I can post again, thanks for fixin that error) that the pro-pornies have hit on a really wonderful gag.

The customer gets a free bright red t-shirt and of course the ad shows a range of dutchmen you'd not likely to find there in REAL life and that's funny unexpected impossible hence slated to appear in tadaaaaa commercials!!!!!!! .. . . . . humor is under graver pressure, threat even, the closer it gets to hot-ego-air-bloat.

Yesterday, Youp van't Hek, the fella who's gonna do the extremely prestigious 'conferance' at new year's eve this year was on tv too (in the same program even maybe, can't remember), and outraged me quite a bit, answering a question about the fear climate (pc type stuff like affermative action has turned into an 'or else' imperative, the dutch have this thing about catering to the invalid, about catering and denaturing) that the tone is decisive and his jokes wouldn't, haven't and won't come across like threats, hence he would not be in the kinds of danger similar to the ones Theo van Gogh found himself in.

This is BETRAYAL and lies.

NOONE sounded more amicable than Theo, a bit extremely rotund guy never seen to make sudden moves, just running his mouth in a gurgly way. He couldn't sound unpleasant (even while describing the horrible effects of islamic immigration* ((the massive part of which by the way, seems to have been the result of an EU deal during the oil crisis)) which of course was taken by some to be stigmatizing but somebody like our late Theo, who is pretty fair on an individual basis can afford to stand back and try a little generalization every now and then; it wasn't Theo who bestowed radicalized Islamists with cruel powers, he called them out for it at the same time claiming they'd not hurt a village idiot) was never unpleasant; I was never THAT enamoured of Theo's work and never ran into him while living in A'dam, but he did do a great tv-series showing a cross-racial love affair and last week his slaughterer stood in court on unrelated charges with his gang, refused to answer most questions but did say Bush was the biggest problem in the world or some such criticism.

*the opposite happens to me hearing a dutch-maroccan say how he loves Holland.

To blame Islam for individual and unjust violence (you won't give me a ((lowskill)) job? I'll start robbing your old ladies, groping your young ones and carry on from there) leaves our sophisticated and industrial, removed and remoted versions out of the equation. I understand that can be maddening enough (especially for those on life support as long as they manage to fit into the dutch concrete jungles, designed to raise and rest up, never to live in) to resort to primitive violence if and when verbal forms are not available (this is what 'integration' ((you use naturalization?)) efforts have concentrated on, language rather than land).

Dualities are dynamic and a count or any other countamount never ever stops or stop at two. Who? You! and that's what I mean with and when involving and hiliting alledgedly off-topic, issues (not to mention children) confusing antagonisms, (switches and flips from individual to group psychology and back again in dizzying succesion, specially during verbal combat) more explicitly than your average spelling spartners, it's merely going deeper and higher and more multilayered, showing where to mix and where not.
Heh. Chigg and ecken. Just found what I take as a funny or sooner sadly fanatic and dualistic attempt at illustrating my point (has individuality wriggled free here or has a collective closed ranks to squeeze and stand up and out the different?) via a blog where I occasionally argue against the glorification of AI and tell them they are trying to steal the thunder of the otherwise tabooed and forbidden to apply consciously in- to organic transit, my favorite theme.
IMC-Binghamton, Not L.A. Times, Broke Story on DoD Media Scandal
Steve Peacock 12 Dec 2005 00:57 GMT
The breaking story about the U.S. military’s planting of prepackaged stories in foreign media – a “scoop” attributed to the L.A.. Times – has overlooked one critical factor: the Independent Media Center of Greater Binghamton, and not the L.A. Times, was the first media outlet across the globe to report on this propaganda-production endeavor, the brainchild of the U.S. Special Operations Command.


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