Thursday, December 29, 2005

My favorite australian bird

AUSTRALIAN MAGPIE (Gymnorhina tibicen) fast site with Fred Van Gessel signing for the audio of: Sorrower, screecher, triller, hooter carroler, crier, cackler, clocker, cooer, peeper, whistlers and waverer has a 5Mb wav file and this bit of horrorstory (specially in the light of the fact they are by no means fast breeders): "In the 1971 rooks were declared an agricultural pest in the Hawke’s Bay and something like 35,000 thousand were shot, probably about half the population. Once again the cry has gone out to kill them when they do no real harm to anyone and certainly no harm to our native birds." ------- also this: a rapsodic poem by Frank S. Williamson

another very complete page (if you like esoteric fabulizing and discounting the audio track which doesn't do the bird's musical talent near enough justice): 208 page book on magpies (the author, Gisela Kaplan took 6 years to write it) the Hutchinson encyc. calls them piping crows stream only

what sent me huuuuntin (alison Kraus voice) for these links was a memory of magpie
hear him here:
and here:
Sweet-voiced magpies are the black and white minstrels of Australia. They have adapted successfully to urban and agricultural areas. Beautiful carolling, a relish for eating many harmful insect pests and the bird's bold nature have made the magpie popular with the suburban gardener and other bird lovers. Australian magpies are often found in relatively open gardens, and sometimes become quite tame in suburban areas.
A magpie's life - September 28, 2004
High flier ... magpies may have capabilities comparable to a dog's. large photographs of oz birds

ConvictCreations.Com quick and clean intro to australia

that concludes my selection from 7 gooooooogle pages for "australian magpie"


At Mon Oct 27, 02:32:00 AM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work!
My favorite birdsong.
Without recording equipment, have you any idea where to find or purchase a longer recording of magpies carrolling?


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